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A Journey to Kota to Attend a Business Meeting

I had to travel to Kota for a business meeting. I wanted a commuting means that was comfortable and cheap; hence I booked train tickets for my journey from Ahmadabad to Kota.

Park Hotel Bangalore- An Artistic Living

Bangalore also known as Bengaluru is an educational hub, also known as the Silicon Valley and a famous tourist destination apart from being a metro city. All these aspects add to the list of people that constantly visit this city throughout the year. The city has people visiting from states across the nation as well as international people in business as well.

Loved The Shopping Experience In Mumbai: Truly a Fashion City

Shopping is always fun, no matter what the place is. We work so hard all day, and sometimes shopping gives us a deserving reward. We can have anything we wish to have in our closet, be it accessories, clothing, show pieces and anything.

A Trip to New Delhi – Hanging Out With Friends

As a corporate employee working in any walk of life today, it is a tall order for a many of us to get some free time for ourselves what with the demanding and filled-up schedule of the occupations, as well as the high pressurea large portion of employees need to deal with all the time to stay ahead of the competition.

My Wonderful Experience of Shopping In Udaipur
Being creative is really important in life, particularly if you are an artist. Sometimes I feel fortunate that I have been blessed with a creative mind, which has helped me come this far.

Nanded: A Pilgrimage That Gives You Contentment And Bliss!
Visiting a sacred pilgrimage city is a different experience altogether. It is unlike all other beach vacation spots and hill stations. After your journey you will find peace of mind and eternal bliss.